Education & Training

Education and training for employees in the workplace can mean lowering the employee turnover rate and improving employee loyalty

Training is not just important to a company, it is vital. Productivity increases when a company implements training courses across the workforce, from the shop floor to executive level.

Benefits of Corporate Training



Greater Employee


Improved Career

Better Social / Emotional

HAWI Education and Training Options

Health & Nutrition Certificate

Health and Nutrition

Nutrition in society
How nutrition impacts health

Personalise Your Nutrition

Nutrition for your lifestyle
Nutrition planning

Nutrition Psychology

Why we eat, what we eat, how we eat
Choosing wisely

The Power of the Gut

Boosting your immune system

Nutrition and Exercise

Fuelling your systems
Hydration for exercise

Health & Fitness Certificate

Home Training

Plan to explore exercise options at home
Circuit & HIIT examples plus LME & flexibility options

Quality Movement (Health and Safety)

In-depth look at proper movement techniques for everyday use
Injury prevention including stability and mobility

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep quality and quantity
Circadian rhythm

Strength and Conditioning

The importance of strength and conditioning
Methods to improve your strength and power levels

Personal Exercise Training Plan

Your needs = Your plan
Creating a balanced plan including relaxation ideas

Health & Wellness Certificate

Wellness 101

The 6 components of wellbeing
The Health Continuum and the Cone of Learning

Personal Wellness

Wellness and you
Embracing and experiencing wellness

Resilience and Stress Management Mechanisms

Understanding, accepting and managing stress
Healthy coping strategies

Exploring Wellness at home and at work

Examining wellness concepts for work and home life
Prioritising what you and your family needs

Positive Psychology

Building confidence
Playing to your strengths

Lifestyle Management Certificate

Time Management

Effective time management
Time management strategies and tips

Balanced Lifestyle

SWOT analysis
Freeing up and prioritising your time

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding EI components
Recognise and manage emotions

Goal Setting

SMART goal setting
Developing your goals

Monitoring and Reflecting

Effective monitoring methods
Self evaluation methods

HAWI Education & Training Program

Our education offering has 5 effective streams:

Onsite Education Talks and Workshops

HAWI has 6 strands of education. Each strand has numerous onsite talks and workshops to develop all staff members.

Digital Online Support Network

An online employee training program for all staff to engage in education to improve home and work lifestyles.

1 to 1 Clinics

Drop in clinics weekly, monthly or bimonthly in the areas with our nutritionist, personal trainer and lifestyle coaching.

Company Initiatives

such as mental health week e.g. meditation and mindfulness classes, healthy heart week e.g. skipathon, fitness classes, record breakers.

Employee support contact centre

24 hours a day / 7 days a week professional and confidential counsellor 1 to 1 options.

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