Coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19 antibody serology test

Company Audit



Do you have the correct measure put in place?

– Signage
– Sanitation points
– Disposal units
– Appropriate measure for social distancing


Have you a plan in place to accommodate staff in a workplace setting safely?

– Staggered shifts
– Work from home
– Flexible work schedules

3 days in workplace 2 days at home Longer shifts less days in workplace



HAWI will evaluate staffs wellness levels through our Wellness Well.

– Questionnaires
– Links for videos & blogs
– 1-1’s with our coaches


Are your staff efficient when working?

– Use HAWIs productivity evaluation tools to monitor work from home and on site.



HAWI will train your staff to follow the guidelines that are needed to keep your business opened, productive & safe in the most cost effective way.


HAWI will work with your health and safety team, to create and implement a social distancing plan.

– Create social distancing plan
– Reduce touch points
– Control accessing plan


Comes when your employees respond to the HAWI Covid-19 response.

– Showing you care about your employees
– Enhance their quality of life
– Resulting in improving productivity within the company

Employee Health Audit

COVID-19 antibody serology test

The Covid-19 antibody serology test has become available to deliver on-site through HAWI

The Covid-19 Antibody test has a specificity greater than 99.6% and sensitivity of 100% (14 Days post-PCR confirmation)

Companies have a responsibility to provide a strategic health plan including Covid-19 health checks.


COVID Plus Screen consist of 8 initial tests


Height & Weight

Blood Pressure

Blood Oxygen & Heart Rate

Blood Sugars

Blood Cholesterol

Lung Function

Respiratory Rate

The objective of the COVID Plus initial medical is to get baseline markers including the COVID-19 Antibody test for all employees which will be performed by HAWI allied nurses and inputted into HAWIs COVID-19 monitoring application.

With this HAWIs team can monitor changes in baseline results.
From the initial test HAWIs team will either:

1 Continue working with staff on a weekly basis monitoring any change in temperature, heart rate & blood oxygen saturation

2 HAWI will train health and safety officer, health and safety representative, management or team leader on how to perform such tests and monitor for changes.

3 HAWI also offers an executive health screen to include the COVID-19 Antibody test 

(monitoring devices will be supplied to companies with access to HAWI’s monitoring application)


Monitoring consists of 3 tests:

– Temperature
– Blood oxygen saturation
– Heart rate

Health Passport

HAWIs monitoring application will give employers and employees access to a health passport.

This will give a sense of reassurance to:

– The employer
– The employee
– And your clients


Body & Mind

A healthy immune system can defeat invading pathogens (bacteria,viruses) that make people sick.

A healthy person is a confident and more assured person that will be more productive, present and valuable to the company.

Showing we actually care about your physical and mental health.


Continuous monitoring

HAWI will supply your company with the tools needed to assess and evaluate staffs vitals and needs.

HAWIs monitoring application can be accessed to monitor any changes in vitals on a daily basis.

HAWI can re-screen staff on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis to check for immunity.