About Us

Health and Wellness International (HAWI) is the complete health and wellbeing provider, offering bespoke health and wellbeing programs, various indepth and cost effective health screens, and also innovative education and training options for all.

Health and Wellness International (HAWI) was founded in October 2016 as Health and Fitness Ireland Limited. Darren Murray had a vision and concept to assist many people who were suffering from major issues that society presented at the time. Darren joined forces with Muriel Cuddy to set out a road map to initially target schools and then corporates environment.

HAWI’s aim has always been to engage, educate and empower students and employees to take control of their own health and wellbeing. Today HAWI has a strong presence in both corporate and school environments. HAWI’s House of Health has a track record of bringing a success model to clients.

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HAWI Headquarters

QUESTUM Acceleration Centre
Ballingarrane Science & Technology Park Clonmel, Co.Tipperary, E91 V329